40 Wise

Rock N' Roll to the fullest. An old school rock band from Detroit Michigan 

40 Wise History 

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Rockin' in the free World - 40 Wise
Cover of Neil Youngs famous tune!

Time - 40 Wise

  • 40 Wise Sleeping with the Enemy

    40 Wise Sleeping with the Enemy

    40 Wise second album featuring songs written from the second iteration of the band featuring David Young, Steven Edwards, and Mike John. Songs like Kick Bitch, Devils Taste will rock you! Check them out on YouTube!

  • 40 Wise- Timeless

    40 Wise- Timeless

    Timeless features the writings of Steve and Mike over the course of 1999 and 2000. Hit ballad Something She'd Say and The Climax are among the great songs on the album which also features Live for Today. Check them out on Apple!

Into the Blue - 40 Wise

Something She'd Say is a hit ballad. Live For Today is perfect for this Pandemic era! Kick Bitch makes you wanna Rock out with your C*ck out!

Fabian Jones
Editor - Rock Mag